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DropShotz JelloShots are individually sealed and pre-packaged jelloshots, more than just the typical jelloShot in a cup.

Each pre-packaged DropShotz Jelloshot is the ultimate in taste, and holds the passion and innovation at every stage of production. We have created the most flavorful edible cocktail making DropShotz Jelloshots the shot of choice.

With our 13 flavors we are sure to have your favorite flavor!



What Makes Us Unique?

Forget everything you know about jelloshots and check us out! Our cutting-edge packaging allows us to bring to market the first ever prepackaged and sealed jelloshot in a pouch.
Our innovative product:
-Keeps it free from contamination,
-is labeled to inform the consumer of the alcohol content
Not found in the old style jelloshot in a cup.


This tastes just like a green apple candy! It has a hint of kiwi added to give it a completely out of this world flavor.

This tastes like exotic watermelon and honey melon puree. an extraordinary take on traditional melon sour you can't get anywhere else.

This tastes so limey, rickey got jealous..lol.  with a hint of mellow mint this shot is definitely a crowd pleaser.

This tastes like real candy peach slices! For a sweet smack of ...  wow that's peachy!

How'd they do that?  you will be amazed that this shot tastes so authentic. with its sweet coconut cream and tangy pineapple 1 just isn't enough.

This tastes like citrus orange that's about to pop! with an exciting blend of tropical orange flavors every mouth must experience this.

With real vodka soaked strawberries this shot floods your mouth with intense flavor. Zing yes! boring no!

This tastes like it takes cherry then blastes' it on a rollercoaster ride all around your tongue and then ... it hits you, "man this is really good".

Crazy candied grapes swirl around your tongue with grapey goodness to make you feel crazzzzzzzy good.

Remember blue icy popsicles? well we put that, in here.  I know ... you're welcome!

This tastes like you can actually feel an island breeze while your taste buds are dazzled by the wild side of this sweet shot.



This shot right here!!!!! tastes like lemony pink lemon bombs that twists into a sweet and unexpected treat.

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DropShotz jelloshots are the Best tasting and Strongest Jelloshots... ever

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